Saturday, 28 March 2009

It's not looking good....

I'm just not getting the training in.

Last week i got out once, this week twice so far, with the skyline tomorrow. I;ve not managed to run for much more than an hour, cumulatively, this week. I'm in a very unique period in my career that will never happen again. I'm creating a new organisation from scratch with my colleagues - not just a small thing but the country's 4th largest local authority. It comes into being on Wednesday and i'm working 12 hours a day and will be hard pushed for the next few weeks, until i've recruited my team.

It just doesn;t seem a very good time to train for a round. So, i'm going to call it off.

If all goes well, i might go for August, but really, i might just leave this for another time in my life. I have enough stress and donlt need another source of pressure.

But i'm going to train as much as i can still - i'm going to use the light nights to get out and get fit for a summer of racing. I miss racing, training for target races and being part of my sport. The Skyline tomorrow marks a return to fell racing and 2009 will be a year of good racing.

I'm going to get plenty of hill runs and speedwork in. I'm going to return to the club once a week (not been for a month) and return to the track on a wednesday.

I feel releived - a round is a wonderful but all comsuming thing. Races are different, you can build up to them over a short space of time from a decent bed of fitness. That is something that will keep me fit and sane.

The PBR will be done - just not yet


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