Sunday, 23 November 2008

It's back on!

Berlin has been and gone. I've recovered from that and the niggles are fading. Time now for some unfinished business.

And not before time! The last few weeks have been busy and stressful and my running has been taking a real back seat. Applying for a new job when my existing one is under threat has been the priority. It's clear to me now though that rather than wait for a less tumultuous time in life to start focussing on something like the PBR, now is exactly the time to do it. Running is a salve to tough times, but running well and with an exciting life-event at the end of it is more than a salve - it's a much needed rock to keep me sane.

When i have been getting out, I've run poorly. Only the Clwydian Hills and Roaches fellraces and a recent outing on the hills around Llangollen have been truly enjoyable. That tells me it's time to hit the hills again.

The first job is to work out when to do it. The most likely looking date is 5/6 June 2009. May/June is a busy time of year, with other people's 24 hour rounds and other events around that time competing for attention. This date comes a couple of weeks after Dave Sykes will possibly do his BGR and a month after the Fellsman. Perfect!

The next job is to do something of a training schedule. It's a nice job - a sort of fantasy fellrunning. It takes someone with iron confidence to be able to casually knock out a schedule with things like "30,000' climbing this week" without getting a bit daunted.

So, i'll get going on that and then start recruiting some support.

Can't wait to get started. That begins tomorrow...

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