Thursday, 17 April 2008

Postponement - Deutschland Beckons

It's off, at least for the time being, probably until 2009.

I'm doing the Berlin Marathon in Sept 08 instead. Part of me is releived - I was finding it hard to put those big fell days in time and again, whereas road runs you can do from your house.

I will return to this - it is unfinished business, but in the meantime I will do my best to break 3 hours at Berlin.

I think that a sub 3-hour marathon and the BGR would be two great feathers to have in your cap. I have one, and will train really hard to get the other.

So, this blog will be suspended, but I'll do another one for my Berlin preparations!

Wish me luck...


wightplodder said...

Hi Mark
I wish you all the best with your new venture - I am sure it will fit in better with the rest of life.
I have read your Blog since January when I started thinking about having a go at the BGR myself and have found it very interesting and inspiring. There is loads of stuff out there on the BGR but not that much on the day to day practicalities of planning and training.
I was thinking of doing a blog myself on my efforts (for better or worse) and was wondering if I could use your site as a link for others who might be interested.
I come from a road running background (mid pack)and I was thrilled to do a sub 3hour marathon 18 months ago - hopefully the reverse of you! Thanks once again
Andrew McEwen

Mark Smith said...

Thanks for the post. No problems about linkng to the blog, be my guest! :)

Good luck for the BGR, let me know when you're going and if i'm free, i'll support a leg of it. Also happy to answer any questions about it for what that's worth.

Glad you enjoyed the blog, i loved writing it.