Sunday, 25 January 2009

w/c 19 January - a more mixed week i cannot imagine

It's Sunday and six days ago I was not a well bunny. Fever, a raw chest and very pissed off. Even yesterday I went along to the North of England cross country champs and bailed out at the last minunte cos i was worried that i was not ready for racing - and how pissed off was i then! Probably a good move tho, my chest was still just a little rattley even tho there was no infection.

Nothing like a good day in the hills to sort that all out! Kill or cure!!

And what a day!!! Today I went out with Ian and Pete, two much stronger runners than I, to the depths of Snowdonia. There was plenty of snow above 2000 feet, we had some blizzard-esque conditions to contend with for a short time as well as some sheet ice and even cornices. Our studs were sometimes found wanting... It was brilliant.

Starting from Llanberis, we climbed through the quarries to the lofty Elidir Fawr and into a very cold, windy, misty and icy scene which seemed to suggest a short day ahead. The summit ridge was deep in snow and there were holes aplenty for a limb to explore and recoil from! I slipped at one point and have copped a serious looking gash on my shin. From the summit we decided that the Glyders were not a place to be running today but opted to make our way over to Ogwen and then climb Y Garn from the other side. This was Ian's idea and was based upon choosing the most difficult way to traverse the terrain, i.e. across ridges and not along them. As we traversed above Ogwen abd then climbed Y Garn, the snow conditions were fab - people with axes and crampons were probably tutting at us (as we passed them) but it was wonderful. I was tired and weary after being ill and didn't climb that well - but i stuck it out and that's what's important. Ian and Pete were really strong, Ian especially. This was demonstrated after our ascent of Y Garn when after skidding through more ice on an iffy slope below the summit, he decided that we should drop to the stream seperating Y Garn and Elidir Fawr and then re-tackle Elidir straight up a very very very steep slope. This was 1:1 and steeper in places and was a 1500' pull up the rocky band near the top. All in all, we'd climbed 7000' and done 15 miles by the time Pete's Eat's provided relief in ommeltte form....

The best news is I'm back and the setback has gone. My legs are sore and i'll rest until Tuesday, but i'm back and this day out has re-stoked my desire and love of long, strong days in the hills....

Roll on next weekend when i'm free both days!!!!!

15 miles

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kate said...

hi mark-came across your blog via fell runners forum. sounds like a fantastic day out in the hills. glad you back on form, nothing more frustrating. look forward to watching your progress :)