Sunday, 8 February 2009

What does it matter when you're well...?

I got quite a shock today (actually, I got a few during the eventful Long Mynd Valleys race - more on that later) - one that made me smile, despite the fact it was a telling off! There I was dashing to the loo for a(nother!) pre-race pee when i was confronted by a fellow fellrunner who told me quite certainly that I have to make sure I update this blog more often! So, whoever you are, here's a new installment.

I do have an excuse. I've been a bit preoccupied. Since going for my x-ray, my GP has decided that he was a little suprised by what he saw so he has sent me for a CT scan. He noticed that my lypmh glands in my cheste were swollen. He didn't think it was to do with my spate of chest infections and thinks it is something i've had for ages. He's sure that's not anything sinister (but didn't rule it out - they never do) but more than anything, he just wants to know what it is. Good friend, erstwhile doctor and all round good egg Doc Martin had a chat with me and was very reassuring - thinks it's probably something congenital and looks a bit odd on the x-ray. The fact is, i;ve been running and racing and feel absolutely fine. None of the other glands are up and i have no symptoms. I'm hoping so much that Tuesday's scan firms up what I already know...

Runnign wise it's been great - at least at the weekends. Work is making mid week runnig tough, but last weekend was great - 4 closed XC loops in 29 mins and then a great day in snowdonia with dave and ian in sunday with 6000' climbing around the snowy slopes of the glyderau and carneddau.

This weekend saw a 2 race weekend - saturday was the XC race at Oswestry (did ok, just so pleased to be able to run) and today was the very very snowy and icy Long Mynd Valleys - 4500' and 11.5miles. Descending on ones arse was a bit of a novelty but the snow and ice meant a new technique - impromptu tobogganing. The time was much slower than last year (2:30) but conditions were mainly to blame, as was the race the previous day.

I feel like i'm just glad to be able to run, and each run feels like confirmation that i'm ok. For now, that's the focus.

Once the scan is done, and the results are fine (keep thinking positive!!) i can think about getting more climbing in each week. And then the Paddy might seem something i can prepare for. Right now, that seems like a pipe dream. I don't think i'm anywhere near where i should be for that, although being healthy is a pretty good start.

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