Monday, 16 February 2009

All is well, now time to train....

The results from my CT scan are back. The GP surgery rang having chased the results up and the verdict as relayed by the kindly receptionist was that there was 'nothing suspicious' to report - all is well.


I'm so relieved. Very very relieved.

The stress has been palpable - those close to me are probably sick of me. I've been busy at work, which has been a blessed relief, but the pre-occupation has been ever present which has made the last three weeks almost unbearable.

Whilst not operating at the kind of intensity or frequency that the PBR requires, I have been training throughout this period. I've not dared do anything than go through the motions atthe risk of tempting fate, so it's been a bit mixed and unstructured. Road runs, some speed work, some hill work, some races and even some circuit training (which hurt!). I do feel fit, and ready.

I'm not ready enough though to be confident about doing the PBR in May. I just think that it makes for a pressured run up to the event. I'm going to go for early July. this means I can use the Fellsman (early May), Dave Sykes' BGR (early June) and lots of long summer nights to get really fit and ready. Work is also very busy and April/May will be very demanding, and so a late May PBR is just not on.

I'll canvass for availability amongst my terrific Tattenhall supporters, but the first weekend in July seems about right.

It already feels more achievable now.

This week's training:

Monday - rest, tired from Long Mynd and XC races
Tuesday - 7 miles, included 6 * 500m efforts
Weds - Circuit training - ouch
Thursday - 10.2 miles - including 4 * 0.8M hilly efforts and 3 downhill efforts
Friday - rest
Saturday - walk in Peak District - 10M, about 1500' ascent
Sunday - wet run, Lose Hill Ridge and Cavedale - 7M, 2000' ascent

total - 37 miles, not much climbing at all (4000' tops)

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Ian Charters said...

Hi Mark

Just found your blog - thanks for the link to my 55at55.

You should add a follower widget to make easier for people to get updates.

F s Shuffler (Ian)