Tuesday, 19 February 2008

February 19 2008 - Here we go again...

I always like to get myself something for my birthday. This year, on the occasion of my 35th anniversary, I got myself a new blog. Perhaps more significantly, I made the decision to go for the Paddy Buckley round sometime towards the back end of summer 2008. I've got 6 months to prepare.

I'm so excited! I loved having the BGR in my life despite the sacrifices I made. It bought the best out in me in terms of determination, preparation and friendship. I miss it and want another challenge. The Paddy Buckley represents that. Moreover, completing all three British rounds is something I would love to do. But hey, one step at a time....

I beleive that my BGR demonstrated to many that you really do not need to be athleticially gifted to do it. I know there are people who saw me get round and then re-evaluated their own ability to do likewise. I'm sure some have and have thought, "If he can do it, I bloody well can". I'm wondering whether the PBR falls into the same category or is it simply just a bridge too far for the regular mid-packer, no matter what preparation goes in?

There's only one way to find out. I'm going for it. It'll be an August attempt I think, maybe even late August. I want six months to prepare and I have to (really want to actually) support some BGRs over the summer and return some major favours.

I'm in the throws of looking at a training schedule and will probably post it soon (comments welcome!). In the meantime, I'm steeling myself for another campaign.

Here we go again....!

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GOOD LUCK WITH IT. you are probably already aware that it is a tougher round to do in 24 hours. I tried and failed (after doing 5/6ths of it in August) After doing the BG in June. A bit of dodgy nav and foul weather finished my round off. Hoping for better luck early in the summer.

All the best Alan.