Sunday, 24 February 2008

w/c 18th February 2008 - A hazy shade of winter

This week's training has been pretty darn good, lots of quality and no long run, but generally really enjoyable. It's not really PBR training, more like finishing off the cross country season and the winter in general. I've had just about every weather condition this week, other than snow and heatwave. The difference in temperature between the speed sessions on Tuesday and Thursday was 15 degrees C!

I feel strong, but have a sore back after the national XC on Saturday. Never had a sore back before so will have to get that looked at. It doesn't stop me running buts hurts after an hour or so.

This weeks training:

Monday - 13.5M, 1000' climbing - trail run on Peckforton Hills. Sunny and warm. Lovely easy paced run with fast finish.
Tuesday - 7M - speed session at Covert Rise - included 1 mile TT after previous efforts and warm up. Ran 5:40 for that - had stitch so not as quick as I know I can. Freezing cold - well below freezing.
Wednesday - Rest, out for lovely tea :-)
Thursday - 7M - simlar speed session to Tuesday, much warmer and strong breeze. Ran 5.35 for the mile TT after a longer warm up. Ran well in subsequent efforts.
Friday - Rest
Saturday - English National Cross Country championships - 12km. Really tough course and a hard race. I ran my heart out for 2 and a half laps and then the wheels came off and my back was sore. Pleased with 45:00. Felt ok afterwards, suggesting there was more in the tank. Back was really sore and I need to get this looked at.
Sunday - Moel Famau run with Tim in foul weather - 8M 2700'. Cold and windy and very wet!! Started sluggishly but felt better. Back became sore after an hour so cut short the planned run.

Totals: 42 miles, @4000'ish

Bit worried about my back but will get it attended to. Feels like I need someone to just sit on it and wait for something to 'click'. Generally though, it's good to be feeling reasonably strong and fit as the winter makes its mind up whether to go or stay a while longer.


Peter said...

Good to see your open training blog back. When I fail to meet my weekly BG training target, it's a private failure. We all share in your weekly highs and lows, which is why your blog is an inspiration.

Here we go again, but I can't wait.

I'll put you down for 2 legs of my BG. Tour-de-Mt-Blanc Simon can do 3, 4 or 5!

Mark Smith said...

Cheers Pete - legs 3 and 4 perhaps?