Saturday, 23 February 2008

February 24 2008 - Let's get it started!

Still can't quite believe that I'm commiting to this. It's scaring the pants off me at the moment.

So much of it is unknown - the terrain, the difference in difficulty between this and BGR and even when and where I'm going to start and finish on the round. There's so much to learn and decide. Scary. Daunting.

But so much of it is known. The rigours of a 24 hour round, the training, the climbing, the eating! The obsession and yet the struggle for balance and fairness and the meeting of ones responsibilities. Getting out for long runs at the weekend, fitting in climbing via Tattenhall railways and Moel Famau runs after work, losing weight and gaining strength. Scary and daunting also.

All these knowns and unknowns combine to give me plenty to do. The first thing to do is to sort out a training programme. This means I'll also need to decide on a date.

Two factors will come into this and they are in opposition. The most suitable date is the point at which they balance. The first factor is having enough time to prepare and train and the second is to have as much daylight as possible on the day. Mid to late August seems about right. That gives six months to train and just about enough daylight to get around.

Based on that, I've worked out the guts of a training programme. It focusses on weekends and ascent per week. I don't want to plan every day and live to a schedule, so the weekdays will evolve as and when, with railways and Moel Famau finding their ways back into my life!

It gives me a 15/16 August date. Very provisional, but that's the first draft. I've still got to be sure I'm doing this and be clear how it relates to everything else. Right now, this training schedule starts to help me realise what this actually is. Once I know that, I can really get it started.

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