Monday, 31 March 2008

w/c 24 March - Should I stay or should I go?

When I decided to do the Bob Graham Round, everything else was set up for me to allow me to do it, and to prepare for it. Work was steady, home commitments were easy to adapt to the training required and there was no question that this was something I wanted to do. That unswerving desire to do it was what got me out of the door in all weathers and at all hours, time and again.

Not so sure about this. A so-so performance at Edale at the weekend, new pressures of life and the fact that the excitement gained from the novelty of training for a round is not there this time is making it harder to focus on this. I'm wondering whether I'm missing a stage out in the recovery from the BGR. I feel like I could do with a summer of just enjoying racing and getting really fit for that. Perhaps i'm forcing a round too soon? Perhaps I assumed training for a round would help me address other problems in life whereas in fact it adds to the pressure?

One thing I do know. You've got to totally want this if you are to succeed. I don't feel like my mind is right for entering into a round. So I need to consider my options.

I could postpone and go for winter round. Seriously. This has the virtue of taking the pressure off now. It also adds a new dimension to the proposition and perhaps will provide an extra motivation? It is quite a leap tho, from a summer BG to a winter PB. Perhaps next summer instead? Or maybe just go for it and stop being a wet blanket.

This leap is seen in stark relief after the Edale Skyline on Sunday. I rather ambitously targetted a 3:30 finish, but hoped at least to beat my previous best of 3:42 from 2006. I ran 3:46. OK, the faster time was done in fast ground conditions - the bogs were frozen back then which I know makes a huge difference so perhaps it was a better run this year? Not sure, esp as i fimished in the same position as in 2006, weirdly. I was affected at three points by a bloody horrible stitich (why did I eat that cereal bar 30 mins before the start?!) which meant walking for a few mins 3 times.

Whichever was the better run, and however much I can justifiably pat myself on the back for Sunday, it means that I'm about in the same condition at the start of this process than at the start of my BGR prep, which means I've got to do more to meet this target. Scary.

As it goes, this weeks training was light to prepare for Edale.

Mon - rest
Tues - 9M, 5 reps of lower Burwardsley loop. Felt good.
Weds - 5M, track session, 200,400,600,800,1000,800,600,400,200 pyramid. Ran well.
Thurs - rest
Fri - rest
Sat - rest
Sun - Edale Skyline, 21M, 4800' climb

35miles, @6000'?

Next weekend is the Tattenhall BGR boot-camp - a 2 day BGR with various aspirants, helpers and other hangers-on :-) I can only make the first day (Humphrey Lyttleton beckons on Sunday!!!) which sees a reaquaintance with legs 1,2 and a bit of 3. I'm looking forward to that - provided that the flying BGRers primed and ready to go in May are willing to wait!

I seem to have a virus now tho, so the weekend may not happen. I'm feeling worryingly like I did at new year when I was shattered, but I've got the anti-biotics in early this time so fingers crossed. Legs are also so very very sore after Sunday, so at least I know I worked hard.

Think I need a rest, a rest from all manner of things not just running.

So, no running until Friday. Hope I feel better soon :-(

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