Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Great way to end the year...

Finally, I've managed to put a few decent runs together. It's been great, and today was the cherry on the icing on the cake - a lovely temperture invresion on my local hill Moel Famau.

This follows a Christmas period where I;ve managed to get out quite a bit. I've done a 4500' reps session at Moel Famau, a windy and wild run around Helvellyn et al (bagging another 4500'), 6 railways at Tattenhall (there's 2000 more feet) and today's lovely run which had 2200'. Add a couple of shortish road runs into the mix and it finally feels like I'm in training.

I'm not yet seeing the results, but i know they'll come soon. There's always a period where you start something like this when you put in the effort and the results don't show - a sort of early training lag. All you feel is tired. I'm there now, but the BGR taught me that once you get past that, you can train more and more and feel less tired - once you get into the grove that is.

That groove is the first aim for 2009 - here's to that!

Happy new year


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