Monday, 22 December 2008

w/c 15 December - So much to do, so little time

Christmas is offically a pain in the arse. I don't wish it could be Christmas everyday because if it were, I'd never get any training in and would a fat bastard, not to mention a skint one.

Shopping, finishing my job (2 weeks off until the new job - yesssss!), stuff at home, seeing these people not realise i've got an obsession to feed?

I managed some training last week, but not training every day as was planned. I did circuits on monday and learned that squat thrusts are just killers. Tuesday saw mw do some 1km reps at the club, which was cagey as my chest was still a bit not quite right. Then a combination of christmas parties and shopping got in the way until i did 4 of the Tattenhall Closed XC loops on Saturday (7:30, 7:00, 7:07, 6:55 - very muddy, ran well tho) and the 4.06 mile Tattenhall Christmas Handicap on Sunday (25:18, over a minute slower than last year). So i did get out, but nothing of consequencem, other than a reminder that i was not as fit as I was last year.

Still, the chest is improved and i do feel like i'm back.

Let's hope so. Starting with making the most of the 2 weeks i now have off work...

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