Thursday, 20 March 2008

w/c 10 March - never can get enough

It's rare that a training week ever goes completely to plan. You have to get used to life getting in the way. There's always that extra session you feel you could have done, that extra mile you could have stuck on the end, that extra rep you could have pushed through etc etc

Fact is, unless you're a professional athlete or lottery winner with time on your hands, you've got to earn a living, spend time with people you want to spend time with and fulfil your various obligations and responsibilities. So, rather than beat yourself up for the session/mile/rep you didn't do, marvel at the fact that you're embarking on something like this at all. When one thinks of all the reasons why you can't do something like this, the whole prospect assumes monstrous proportions.

So it's with a clear conscience and a healthy perspective that I can report that last week's training wasn't bad at all. But if only I'd have got more climbing in....!

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Club session (shortened due to AGM) - 7 miles, 6 * 400-500m hard efforts at Dark Lane. Felt good.
Weds - 6 miles, from home. Very hilly. Ave pace about 6.50min/mile - good tempo run
Thurs - 11 miles - 3 fig 8s at Burwarsdsley. Ran OK but tied up at bit on 2nd lap. Paul kicked ahead and I couldn't respond whereas I had been able to in recent weeks. A bit flat.
Fri - 10 miles, 3200' - Lovely circuit from Horseshoe Pass. Ran all the climbs and felt great - not fast but like i was climbing well
Sat - watched the inter counties XC in Nottingam, with A running for North Wales. Alas, I was not selected :(
Sun - 11 miles - roads and trails around Nottingham, very slow and easy. Pouring with rain.

Total - 45 miles, @ 4500' climbing

Looking forward to the Edale Skyline in 2 weeks. This is my first target. Much depends upon the conditions but I'm hoping to get somewhere around 3hours 30mins. This will help me establish where I am. I think it also marks a boundary in the training between building a base of speed and fitness over the winter and getting the longer harder days in.

Also really looking forward to getting out amongst the local hills in the light nights. Yes, i'm actually looking forward to getting out to Moel Famau in the evening again after so many ascents lastyear during my BGR. The Tattenhall railway also beckons!

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