Sunday, 2 March 2008

w/c 25 February 2008 - A big day in the North

This week marked the start of my proper training for the PBR.

I love it. I love it already.

Today, I did a huge day in Snowdonia, my biggest hill day for months and it was FAB with a capital, erm, FAB. I loved being out for seven hours again, climbing well on tired legs and recceing new ground. I loved getting stupid tunes in my head again ("Don't marry her, f**k me" by the Beautiful South - honestly!). I loved the monster omelette, chips and pint of tea in Pete's Eats afterwards too. I loved feeling pleasantly knackered when I got home.

Had a good training week in general and feel as though I'm in better condition now 6 months from the PBR than I was 6 months out from the BGR.

Monday - rest

Tuesday - 10.5M - 3 fig 8s at Burwardsley - ran well after Osteopath appointment!

Weds - 5.5M - 6 * 800m at the track with decent warm up and down. Chester Tri session. First in group, averaged about 2:45 for reps and all 6 were even

Thurs - 11M - Steady run with club - Tattenhall, Huxley, Beeston loop

Fri - Rest

Sat - 8M easy on road out of Rossett

Sun - 20M, 10,000' and 7hrs: Llanberis - Moel Eilio - Moel Cyngorian - Snowdon - Penypass (and beans on toast!) - Glyder Fach - Y Garn - Foel Goch - Mynedd Perfedd - Elidir Fawr - Elidir Fach - Llanberis. With Paul Miller - felt good, legs a bit heavy but kept a decent pace. Found new way through quarries. Also saw a double Glory on Y Garn - amazing sight, 2 massive spectrum halos.

Total for week: 55M, @ 11,000'

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