Sunday, 9 March 2008

w/c 3 March 2008 - Stronger

Definately getting stronger already. Only trained four days this week due to the stuff of life getting in the way, but it was enough to tell me that I'm doing alright already.

Important things on Sunday meant that this week's long run was done Saturday - 17 miles and 4500' ascent in the Clywdians. It was a repeat of a run I did with Paul and Dave a month ago. They're both in the throws of their BGR training (they go in late May) and I really struggled to stay with either of them then, despite the perfect conditions. This time it was pouring down and very windy with the clag down, and I just had Paul for company. Rather than flogging around trailing in their wake like last time, I felt pretty comfortable with Paul, running all the ups and coping well with the very strong winds. Paul and I ran together and despite feeling tired at the end, I was never hanging on.

One slight thing that is worrying me is that I am wondering how much I want this. Sounds odd, but there was never any question of me not wanting to crack the Bob Graham. I do want to do it of course, but there's something about this that's different. Perhaps it's because I've done a 24 hours round before so there isn't a novelty to this? When I started the BGR everything was fantastic and new and it was all go go go. Doesn't quite feel the same.

What I need to do is explore. Last time, the rigours of training for a round were new. What I have to do to get the best from myself is to get on with the things that are new this time - and the new things here are some of the remote hills of the Welsh countryside. Last week I loved the long run with Paul, the recceing and the exploring. I'm really keen to get out and explore those far reaches of the PBR that I've never visited.

Last week's lesson to myself was all about keeping this manageable by taking it a run at a time. This week, it's about keeping it fresh.

Training summary:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 7.5M, 6 * 800m Dark Lane efforts - ran well on tired legs despite a hard day on Sunday
Weds - 5.5M track session - 4 * 1200m - first in the group and felt O
Thurs - 12.6M steady run with club. Easy for 10M and then did the last 2 at 6min/mile pace and felt OK
Fri - Rest
Sat - 16.7M 4500' ascent, 3hr 20min - Clwydian Hills with Paul. Wet, windy, cold and claggy.
Sun - Rest - Andrew's christening in Lancaster

Total - 43M, @ 5000'ish ascent

PS - Tune in head this week was 'Stronger' by Kanye West. Look at me, aren't I down with the kids?!

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